The following have kindly offered some endorsements of my work and capabilities:

Hamish, apart from being insanely bright, has the ability to convert complex risk into understandable actionable visualizations. This ability led Dresdner to take a decision to switch one of our major execution platforms to FFastFill which Hamish founded; complexity, sophistication, low latency delivered in an easy to use platform which was the first external platform to connect to a variety of exchanges like LME, IPE, Brokertech as well as providing a cross asset class execution capability. Superb problem solving skills and a tremendous human ……..

Alex Wilkinson – COO at Koine

“I have know Hamish Raw for over 25 years and he was one of the finest innovators in the Options Trading space that I know.   In the 1990’s many of the LIFFE Options Market Makers depended on Hamish’s Pricing and Risk Models.   Those traders and small Prop Firms owe a great amount of gratitude to Hamish.    In the late 90’s Hamish Founded FFastFill, the Independent Software Vendor that ultimately has passed the test of time.   His innovations in pre-trade Risk and Options valuation are still being used by professional traders around the Globe.    His knowledge and ability to see Risk and Values at many levels set him apart from many in our Industry. “

Tom Chlada – Managing Director -Professional Trading Group Services

“I have known Hamish for over 25 years from when we used to trade our own accounts in the options pits on LIFFE. Hamish was always a highly respected trader, not least because of his mathematics ability, even in those early days of computing, when he developed superior pricing models to anything other traders possessed. This allowed Hamish to take advantage of mispriced options and become very profitable.

Fortunately Hamish allowed traders to purchase his LDOS package which proved very popular. Hamish has gone on to develop sophisticated pricing models to take advantage of volatility opportunities in financial markets. I have been so confident in his ability that I invested in one of his businesses.

Jason Sen – Founder/Owner Day Trade Ideas

An Innovative genius – well ahead of his time. Saved a trading company from doom. His knowledge of complex financial instruments is second to none. Able to translate complex issues with ease. Someone I am also lucky enough to call a friend.”

Charles Lagares – Director – Specialist Regulatory Consultants www.lagares.co.uk

“Like many of the previous comments, I have known Hamish and of his skills for almost 30 years. It may be hard to believe but back in the day while many risk models and risk managers were fumbling around in the dark, Hamish was at the forefront with his own fantastic risk assessment and management tools – which ultimately proved to be very popular. Hamish has a unique ability to not only think outside the box, but in sort of a 3D way that has proven to be a winning strategy over the years. I wholeheartedly endorse his knowledge and skill as some of the best in the business.”

Scott ‘The Cow Guy’ ShelladyThe Cow Guy

I have known Hamish for over ten years. One of the smartest person I know. He used to be one of the best options trader in the city, who has taught me all the options trading and risk management skills I still find useful even today. Earlier, he had become a master of developing trading software and we used his risk management software for testing the incumbent software. Always being innovative and keep updated with the market. He has also got great personality and will always be my tutor.

Shelly Dong, CFA – Director, Risk Management, Ninth Eternity Ventures – the Venture Capital arm of JD Capital

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